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Above the Clouds

Reveal the true nature of your limitless Self

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Tools for serious seekers.

Walking the spiritual path in isolation is very difficult, making the spiritual path more troublesome than needed. Brian provides personal energetic support necessary to go deeper within and provides direction to release deep stagnant patterns and perspectives that block psychological and spiritual unfoldment. Shift your consciousness by directly working on that separative boundary (ego) that resists unity, integration, and wholeness.


I'm Brian

Brian has been a teacher of the Enlightenment process for the past 20 years.

His teaching encompasses and integrates all aspects of life. His path is one of "rigorous self-analysis" that leads to a Greater Understanding of oneself and eventual liberation.

Brian's primary intention is to help people get their life "on track," heal deep wounds, purify mind (thoughts and emotions), balance the body, while dissolving ego (selfishness) completely. By igniting your own Divine Nature, continual love, peace, balance arise. 

What People Say

"Brian is the kindest, most compassionate person you will ever meet. He is truly dedicated to the path and helping others. It is because of Brian, that I started this journey and I am a very different person now. I am very grateful."

Jackie R.

Above the Clouds

Personal Sessions

Go deeper within, and work to release the patterns that often bind you and keep you "stuck" repeating the same story over and over again. Gain the understanding needed to redirect, renew, and empower your life & spiritual journey.

If you have previously booked and confirmed a session time with Brian you can make your payment via Paypal HERE. If you do not have a confirmed session time please reserve below.

"Imagine the sense of power, strength, freedom, peace, and joy you would acquire by simply learning how to focus on what is essential while letting go of what no longer serves (negative thoughts and emotions, unwanted behaviors, incessant thinking or rumination, etc)? When the mind becomes focused, it becomes unstoppable. If one wishes to accomplish something both internal or external, it can be done. It is that simple. This includes the most difficult challenge the soul faces, Enlightenment."

Brian Nager

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